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The Civic Engagement Project (CEP) is a five year USAID-funded program that aims to strengthen the constructive engagement by   on policies and issues of public concern, and increase and sustain youth involvement in public life in Macedonia. Through CEP, participating young people and CSOs will acquire knowledge, gain motivation and develop skills that will allow them to contribute to policy discussions with the government, the private sector, the media and other CSOs. The overall goal of the Civil Engagement Project is to enhance CSOs and youth’s capacity to advance public policies, improve public services, promote good governance and contribute to improving the standard of living of people in Macedonia.

The aim of this round of RRGs is to support the Ministry of Culture’s efforts to gather and incorporate public input into the draft 2018-2022 National Cultural Strategy and the 2018 Annual Plan on Culture. More specifically this RRG seeks to support the following activities:

(I) Organizing public presentations and discussions in each of the eight statistical planning regions in Macedonia in order to obtain public input for the 2018 - 2022 National Cultural Strategy and the 2018 Annual Plan on Culture;

(ii) Coordinating closely with the Ministry of Culture in arranging the aforementioned presentations and discussions and facilitating the events;

(iii) Ensuring substantial participation of local stakeholders (at least 20 relevant participants) in each of the public presentations and discussions;

(iv) Utilizing the existing Ministry of Culture resources, such as, the Ministry’s working group on culture, relevant venues, contacts, and Ministry of Culture-supported spaces to organize and implement the presentations and discussions;

(v) Coordinating with and involving relevant local stakeholders in the presentations and discussions, such as local CSOs, independent cultural institutions, municipalities, private sector, relevant experts, and the media;

(vi) Supporting the Ministry’s working group on culture by helping to incorporate the input gathered through the presentations and discussions into the new National Cultural Strategy and the 2018 Annual Plan on Culture.

The Project will award up to 1 (one) grant resulting from this RfA. The maximum grant amount is 7,500 USD for a project that may last up to 3 (three) months.

You can download below the full Request for Applications, the Application Form, and the Budget Template for Rapid Response Grants (RRGs).

DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING APPLICATIONS at linda@adi.org.mk is SEPTEMBER 21, 2017, 13:00 o’clock.

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