Folk Costumes from Kumanovo Region

The female folk costume from Kumanovo and its vicinity, known as the Zhegligovski Region, consists of a white cotton tunic like shirt opulently embroidered in the goblen technique with accented geometrical figures and special emphasis to the red and black color tones. The white summer saya and the winter kyurdia, the reddish sash kemerche, the ornamented apron, the towel with specific motifs kola, as well as the other details made of a cotton fabric and klashna make up the costume into a congenial entirety.

The religious observance and bridal costumes are supplemented with many decorative accessories – additional sleeves rakavchinya , pieces of cloth, as well as various jewelry. The bridal role is denoted by the special head decoration chelenka, pile kopche, kapa so pari (a hat with coins), a ledenik on the breast and pafti on the sash. All of these features make the costume of this region exceptionally opulent with a harmonious conformity between the forms, colors and ornaments.

In accordance to the season in the summer the male costume is all white with a knee length shirt that falls in rich pleats over the pants whose ends are tucked into the motley woolen socks. The decorative pieces of cloth, ruchnitsi are put on the sash and can also serve as a head cover. The decorative multicolored beads kyustetsi complement the costume for religious observances from this region.

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